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Game Artist

Department Creative
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Hey there, we’re looking for an exceptionally skilled 2D Game Artist to join our team here at Rockbite headquarters in Yerevan, Armenia.

About the role

Here is what Game Artist at Rockbite Games actually does:

  • Works on visual style and overall look of a game

  • Creates environments, characters and other in game assets

  • Developes visual concepts and ideas

  • Provides marketing with game art

  • Supports game programmers to complete the full flow

  • Generally provides anything from 2D/3D art to UI and VFX


In short you will be working on all stages of game development. Prototyping, concepting, rendering, cutting final assets, animating, and polishing.


This are things we require from our Game Artists

  • Ability to sketch out ideas and bring them to polished rendering ready to be used in game

  • Ability to exactly match existing style of games at Rockbite, as well as propose new changes

  • Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D software (At least one of: 3DS Max/ Maya/Blender/ZBrush)

  • Modesty and Respect to other teammates

  • Previous experience or deep understanding of mobile game art specifics.

A big bonus if you have:

  • Experience in using Spine 2D

  • Experience in animating things with any software

  • Experience using particle effects or other VFX tools

We’re not looking for just artists, we’re looking for Game artists, this means that you are passionate about games and specifically mobile video games. You understand how they tick and what are current industry trends, most importantly - you know how to bring them to next level.

Why will you love here

  • Competitive salaries, we’re creating great teams, and take good care of them

  • Ship games for millions of players worldwide

  • Be part of one of the most successful startups in Armenia

  • Travel to international game conferences

  • Work with teams that inspire you to grow and do more

About Rockbite Games

Rockbite Games is a mobile game development company based in Yerevan, Armenia with simple goal of making great games that attract millions of players. As world of mobile gaming evolves from casual into mid-code, we are ready to provide a perfect mix.


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